People judge her based on her sexual remark,her harsh words and controversial photos . she used 2 heard many fake story about her ownself espcially about her in&out boxer story.what's YOUR PROBLEM LIL PATHETIC? did i wet your bed anyway? naah.. its kinda childish fairytale story actually! KEEP TALKING BITCHES . i didnt had anything to lose anyway. and go on spread all those fake lame story ,it will make ya'll satisfied rite? and LIKE I CARE . she'd never take things seriously. she's a girl with her own style,she kissed a girl so high,hating attention and those fake lies .she's having real trash attitude and dont give a FUCK on whats gonna happen. she do what she like .she's not having a great life in real instead of facing the boredom and stressful life evryday .it wasnt easy to be her she'd enough lies and watched too much episodes of drama .if you think you're SO DAMN GORGEOUS,then left . she's not rolling with perfectionist . she's way not interested to . and feel free to block her when you're HATING HER FOR NO REASON .she's a optimistic person which didnt kick ass for no reason like yo bitches doing . like i care if you wanna hate me ! and oh ya..if you feel upset when i'm replying your boyfriend,i think you should keep him fucked up in your bedroom's closet .i'm not seeing TAKEN guys have no idea how JOYFUL i am as a friend .i'm a real friend indeed . im fun .i'm talkative 2 person i like.and i'm not a BACKSTABBER.

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