shibuya and harajuku

nak pegi sane la weh..spe nk sponsor??hehehe
Some of them were pretty cute.kewl dressup..=))))

Harajuku. If you ask anybody outside of Japan what it means, they’ll probably say HARAJUKU GIRLS, thanks to Gwen Stefani. For those of you who didn’t know, Harajuku is no longer a name for a train station in Shinjuku, Japan. It’s more of an association to fashion that is of a league of its own.

While the fashion sense baffles some, it is definitely not for the faint hearted. Polka dots skirt with bold horizontal strips shirt, a pink flower pin and maybe army boots with whale bone anklets hmm… while it might sound like a fashion disaster to many, these harajuku fashion boys and girls actually pulls it off and look good. I think it’s all in the air of confidence people carry sometimes.

u noe wut??i really want to become part of the harajuku-ers.(^.^)

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